Features That Drive Recruitment Automation

Multi-Platform Integration For Listing Jobs

30+ VMS portals and 25+ Job Boards integration available to allow multi-platform job posting with a single click.

Effortless job creation

Create jobs easily and effortlessly with preset details and tags in three easy steps.

Multi-Platform Job Posting

Post jobs on multiple platforms integrated with the tool in one go.

Automated Resume Screening And Profiling

AI-Driven resume parsing and auto-scanning to find the best candidates available as per the requirement.

Resume Parsing

Automates the process of gathering and sorting resume through highly efficient keywords-search algorithms. Thereby making the extraction of data from resumes created in any format hassle-free.

  • 01Extracts and records every key detail from the resume.
  • 02Reduce time and effort by automated parsing of resume.
  • 03Allows parsing customisation based on skills, language, responsibilities, personal information, etc.

Resume Matching

Auto-scans the job-requirements mentioned in the job post to churn out the perfect match using AI. Thereby making the process of filtering the best applications from all the integrated job boards and VMS portals faster and easier.

  • 01Eliminates manual screening and helps you in reviewing all applicants.
  • 02Allows you to reach out to the best applicants sooner and get a competitive edge.
  • 03Delivers an accuracy of up to 90% in the filtration process.

Resume Branding

Augments the USP of your applicants and repositions them towards their dream jobs by automated resume screening and branding. Thereby making the proposition of the candidate exclusive and relevant to the job.

  • 01Matches the candidate’s skills and abilities with the job requirement
  • 02Enhances the projection of those skills and abilities
  • 03Auto-fills the candidate details in relevant skill and ability categories

multi-platform job-posting

Integrating leading job portal to retrieve valid and suitable opening that helps you to boost your hiring process

  • 01Post jobs to multiple platform in one go
  • 02Increase visibility of your job postings

User-Friendly Application Tracking

Efficient and easy-to-use Application Tracking System (ATS) to keep your hiring streamlined and productive.


Manage innumerable job- openings on multiple platforms in no time.


Keep your stakeholder aligned at every step by tracking your hiring.


Speed up your hiring using auto-generated candidate’s hiring history.

Auto-Driven Interview Scheduling And Feedback Generation

Automatic interview scheduling with self-generated reminders along with post-interview feedback generation mechanism.

  • 01

    Self- Generated Reminders

    Keep a track of your candidate’s interviews with self-generated reminders.

  • 02

    Customised Interview Feedback Form

    Customize your feedback form based on the employer and employee requirements.

  • 03

    Auto-Retrieval Of Interview Feedback

    Gather real-time feedback about your hiring to make faster improvements.

Auto-Generated Recruitment Success Analysis

In-built smart recruitment analytics and report generation to monitor success along with suggestions for improvement

  • 01Monitor the number of applicants from various sources.
  • 02Analyse the conversion ratio for the applications.
  • 03Make real-time improvements using personalised improvement suggestions.
  • 01Drive consistent improvement by tracking and evaluating your hiring process.
  • 02Deep dive and scrutinize your workflow and take informed decisions.
  • 03Configure report highlights to focus on data regarding specific process fields.

Hire Faster. Hire Better.