Everything you need
to hire best Tech Talent
both remote and near you.

t_scout’s all-in-one recruitment suite with intelligent match
algorithm lets you focus on hiring the best talent, not your
cumbersome sourcing and workflows.

Hire better manage less

t_scout’s integrated and ai powered search empowers you to seamlessly reach out to the right candidates, schedule interviews, add your custom workflows and make or decline offers with ease.

  • Intelligent Match
  • Skills Map
  • Remote Intelligence
  • Company Page
  • Job Boost
  • Seamless Feedback
  • Communication
  • Custom Workflows
  • Integrations

Intelligent Match

Our ai driven algorithm helps you find the best technology future team member beyond mere job-description.

Skills Map

We build skill maps based on self-evaluations and assessments to improve the qualitative quotient of the match.

Remote Intelligence

Our engine also gathers and enriches specific remote work data that can further improve the qualitative quotient of the match.

Company Page

Millennials want to learn more about you, we close the information gap by helping them get acquainted with you.

Job Boost

Social recruiting is now at your fingertips, share your posts or your company page and harness the power of social and referrals.

Seamless Feedback

Have a single source and voice of truth, all the feedback across your organization is shared in one place, improving decision time by a fraction.


Reach, share, communicate workflows including interview and assessment scheduling with candidates and internally with our custom communication module .

Custom Workflows

We understand every technology organization has unique workflows, our application adapts to your workflow.


Our system integrates with your ATS, background verification, onboarding applications, we offer both standard and custom integrations.

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